Five essential skills of a SEO writer

As an SEO writer, do you only aim at increasing the traffic to your client’s website? Just imagine your website in the top 10 results of the search engine. Feels good, doesn’t it? Now imagine the reader who clicks to open your web page and in a second logs out in frustration. The moral of the story is that there is a whole lot more to writing great SEO content than meets the eye.

Know your prospective reader

To be a successful SEO writer, it’s necessary to step into the shoes of your targeted readers and gather all the information that they would require from your article.

Techniques to capture reader’s interest

The title of your article should be unique and realistic. Try to make the first paragraph of the article informative. Your SEO content should not sound usual and obvious. It should have a unique flavor to hold the interest of the reader.

Due care in selection of keywords

As an SEO writer you should not only concentrate on attracting more and more search engines while selecting the keywords. The keywords should also throw light on the products and services offered by the owner of the website. To make it easier, just try to think like your prospective reader! Think about the keywords that you would put in while searching for the same information.

Distribution of keywords

You can fool the search engines by sacrificing grammatical accuracy and stuff the required keywords in your article. But don’t forget that your readers might recognize an attempt to make a fool out of them. Make sure you insert meaningful sentences and the keywords are evenly distributed all over the body of your SEO articles.

Flow and format of the content

SEO content does not mean that you can compromise on the structure and flow of the article to increase keyword density. Correct font, appropriate number of paragraphs and subheadings and intelligent use of bullet points will also add to the success of your website content. The flow of the article and the language used should make it easy for the reader to understand the content.

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