Proof that your website irritates customers

Do you really want your customers to go crazy searching for relevant information on your website? Are you planning to give your website visitors a nervous breakdown? What makes your website irritating for your customers?

Scrolling never ends

Too much scrolling on a single page can make anybody go bonkers. It’s a signal for you to change the person responsible for your web content development. Hire someone who is aware of simple basics like splitting the content into multiple pages to avoid unnecessary scrolling.

Long and heavy text

A page full of text with no headings or sub-headings puts a lot of pressure on the eyes as well as the mind of the reader. Web content development is an art of attracting more and more visitors by effective web writing. A website content writer should have the expertise to structure the content and split it into small paragraphs for easier reading. Titles and sub-titles also contribute in their own way to grab the attention of the readers.

Zero focus on the customers/visitors

Customers visit your website to find out what you have to offer them. They are on the look-out for services that solve their problems and fulfill their needs. A website which just talks about its own thoughts and philosophy cannot keep the visitors glued. It’s infuriating when you spend your valuable time going through a website and get no useful information in return. A website content writer should write SEO content which answers possible questions that a visitor may have.

Confusing websites

Confusing tabs on a website makes it difficult for visitors to navigate through the pages. As a website content writer you should label the links in an easier and more sensible manner. The links should clearly depict where they will lead the user. It’s good to have variety but the look of web pages should not change drastically from one page to another. It will only confuse the reader.

Unwanted pop ups

It’s really annoying to get a pop up on the screen when you are busy reading informative content. With website content development you should make sure that there is limited or no animation. Unless it’s an entertainment site, flashy colors or animated popups should be avoided.

If your websites leaves the reader confused and lost, his impatience will not let him stay at your website for more than a second. Find out whether your website needs an overhaul!

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