Top 5 Press Release bloopers

You are not here to boast about your vocabulary of adjectives or flashy phrases! Press release writing is not about making an impression by using poetic language. It is just a way to communicate the essential facts with accurate use of the language. Common mistakes that can be avoided in writing press releases are:

Improper research of keywords

Use of improper keywords or inappropriate density of keywords makes your press release a failure. At the same time you should avoid overloading of keywords while writing press releases. It will only make it sound fake and unreal.

Writing a sales letter

For god’s sake, it’s a press release and not a sales letter! This is the obvious response that you will get from your editor, if your press release will sound more like you are trying to sell something. Press release writing involves stating facts about your product/services. It’s more about informing the masses about your business. Rewriting a sales promotion article would not help you here. It will only result in rejection of your PR by the press release distribution services.

Loss of focus and untruthful reporting of facts

The motive of press release writing should be crystal clear in your mind. You should avoid writing long stories. But the text should also not be so summarized that they miss the relevant points. The aim here is to convey the message and not to give advices or opinions.

To add to this, any deviation from the truth, no matter how tempting it is, should be avoided. You should be honest while writing press releases. You will gain nothing by cooking long stories for your online press release.

Improper formatting and grammatical errors

You might lose the chance of getting your press release being indexed due to improper formatting. Sometimes, grammatical errors are made in a rush of adding too many keywords in the release. Pay attention to these small things, otherwise you might not get a second chance to make this negative impression right.

Choosing a wrong press release service

A wrong press release service can dig a deep hole in your pocket without sufficient results. It’s advisable to go for popular press release services which give you the best coverage at reasonable price.

For a good PR score, all you have to do is to avoid these press release bloopers. The rest will be taken care of automatically!

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