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News Letters

Communication That Gives You The Upper Hand

Remember the line ‘out of sight, out of mind’? It’s true. Customers will easily forget who you are unless you find your way into their lives once in a while. We’re not talking about spam. We’re talking about well-written business newsletters that:

  • Tell your customer you’re still around and doing well
  • Inform them about new products or services
  • Excite them with new offers and deals
  • Educate them about new developments in your niche
  • Empower them with latest information

If your online newsletter can do all that, then say goodbye to competition!

Be vibrant, be visible

Almost every business can benefit from a newsletter. Customers expect you to keep in touch. That’s your job and if you mess up they’ll just pick the next service provider that comes along. In today’s market place, communication is extremely important. A business newsletter gets you out there and gets you noticed.

Strengthen your brand recall

There’s brand war out there and everyone’s fighting for the top slot. Online newsletters should be your weapon of choice if you want the upper hand. It solidifies your brand image and shows your customers that you mean business.

Gain and retain customer trust

Yes, the ‘t’ word is easy to talk about but so hard to earn. You can’t build trust overnight. It takes time. When your customers consistently receive well-researched and informative online newsletters they begin to put their faith in you. Over time, you’ll be the first company that comes to mind when they think about your service or product.

Increase your website traffic today!

If your newsletter is an interesting read, then those cleverly placed links will lead the reader back to your website. Once that happens, you’ve already got his attention and it becomes easier to convert the reader into a customer.

Viral marketing at its best

It’s like a good book. You read it and then you tell your friends about it. Readers will forward high-quality online newsletters to other contacts and your brand gets a new lease on life!

Reap the benefits of on-target marketing

A business newsletter is normally sent to a specific list of people who are already interested in your company. So the chances of conversion are very high.

Newsletters are not only effective but also affordable! You don’t have to invest a lot to connect with your customers. At Power Lines Central, we specialize in writing high quality, well researched and appealing newsletters. Our services include:

  • External newsletters (aimed at customers)
  • Internal newsletters (aimed at employees)

Take the next step and let’s get started

You could be sending your professional newsletter out to your clients by the end of the week. Contact us at PLC and show your clients that you care enough to keep in touch.


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