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Press Releases

Free Publicity Can Boost Your Credibility
                                       … and it’s more economical than advertising!

PR is often considered the good brother of advertising. Professional press release writing is objective and does not contain overblown hype. It builds trust and can enhance your visibility and sales!

Readers tend to believe news that is reported by independent sources like columnists and broadcasters. So a well written PR can drastically improve the buzz around your company. Take a look at what you have to gain:

  • Extensive coverage for your product or service
  • A positive recommendation from the media
  • Enhanced brand awareness
  • Higher turnover

This is why large firms hire PR agencies to get the job done. However, these services can cost a bomb.

Here’s how you can benefit from press releases at half the cost

Power Lines Central specializes in PR writing which is both effective and press worthy. You get all that at affordable rates. Now the next time you need to tell the media something, don’t think twice. You can afford it!

And that’s not all…

Your press releases won’t land in the trash bin

Worried that your story isn’t interesting enough? Don’t be. Our trained PR writers can turn the driest topic into a compelling piece that journalists will want to publish.

You get a double benefit- free publicity that’s within your budget.

Optimized PRs result in maximum online visibility

Our PR writing service also includes keyword optimization at no extra charge. That’s an additional saving as you don’t have to pay extra to be noticed by leading search engines. Effective SEO content can get you massive publicity through the Internet.

Rush orders completed in 24 hours flat

Can’t wait to get your story in the news? For a special rush-order fee, we will write a press release for you in less than 24 hours. So get in touch with us for urgent PRs that need to go out immediately.

100% ownership and rights to distribution

Our press release writing service will not retain rights to your PR. How does that help? You own your PR and can choose to distribute it in any way you wish. Your PR will not even carry our brand name so you get all the credit.

But why can’t I write my own PR?

You can. However, you need to know how to write a press release that will stand out from amongst hundreds of other PRs that are waiting to be published. That’s easier said than done unless you know the required style, format and phrases that can ensure your PR is trash proof.

Using our press release writing services will save you tons of worry and stress!

Note: All press releases will take 2 to 3 working days to complete, provided you send in the required information on time.

Don’t delay! Contact us today and take your business to the next level.
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