Right from the start I was thoroughly impressed with the exceptional writing skills of Power Lines Central and their professional service and attention to detail. I highly recommend them for all your copywriting and sales letter requirements.  
  - Eric Salo, Australia

Why PLC?

“What’s In It For You?”

Good question. Let’s find out how PLC’s SEO copywriting services helps you.

Established credibility

Customers can recognize quality content when they see it. Professional SEO web content enhances your corporate image. Readers won’t question your reputation because your web copy is clear, concise and convincing. Your brand is given a voice. Trust is built and that’s the first step to a sale.

Immediate earning potential

Web copy that is crafted to sell helps you establish your business quickly! It’s a perfect solution because your business will be up and running in no time. You don’t have to wait endlessly for returns to start pouring in.

Actual savings (Yes, you read it right!)

Effective SEO copywriting can tremendously reduce your advertising budget. Further, our prices are affordable so this really is a safe investment. You get maximum value for your dollar so you have nothing to lose.

Access to targeted customers

Your keyword optimized web copy will bring in the right reader without keyword stuffed sentences and rambling text. Each page is written specifically for the target audience. We go straight for the jugular.

Expert status

Good quality web content attracts search engines as well as readers. Give your customers undiluted and well researched information with no fluff and they’ll be back! When you’re considered an expert you get more traffic, more enquiries and more opportunities to sell.

Absolute ownership

Unlike several other writing firms we don’t resell our content to multiple clients. There’s nothing underhand about us. You get complete rights to the content. It’s yours for keeps.

Complete control

Worried that this SEO copywriting project will drive you crazy? At PLC, we like to keeps things simple. You will always have one point of contact so you’re in control.

No risk

We have over 56 clients worldwide and a high retention rate, so you can be sure you’re working with a reputed firm. Companies across industries have invested in our services. You have everything to gain.

Lots of free time

Do you really have time to babysit your SEO writer? We doubt it. Having completed over 1000+ projects we can handle responsibility. So you’re free to do what you do best your business.

You don’t have to refresh your Inbox a dozen times…

…waiting for a response. We know you have better things to do with your time. You can expect prompt communication with no delays. We won’t let you down. You will be updated at every stage.

This benefits list could go on but we think you get the picture. One thing’s for sure- we’re dependable and you won’t be disappointed.

Your web copy will be our priority so contact us today to get started.
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Why PLC?  
"Looking back over the years, it’s amazing to see the distance we have traveled. We started with just one client. Today, we have completed over thousand projects and have 56 clients worldwide. Our existing clients are our ambassadors. We keep them happy and they keep us busy!"
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