Get Your Customers Hooked With A Professionally Written Brochure

You’re making a huge mistake when you undermine the importance of a business brochure. This two or three page piece of marketing material can make a dynamite of a difference to your sales strategy- if done right.

Now that’s the problem. Most firms go overboard with brochure design and printing specifications and they ignore brochure writing. A great looking brochure may grab the attention of a customer. It may even get him to stop in his tracks and spend a few minutes glancing through the folds. But will it get him interested enough to contact you for more details?

Probably not.

A customer needs to be convinced that your product or service is worth exploring. They’re looking for a specific solution to a problem or they need questions answered and all that can be addressed only when you have excellent copy.

Brochure writing targets emotion

Most of the time people make emotional decisions. Then they look for facts and data to justify that decision. Fill your brochure writing with a lot of logic and you may be in trouble. Let’s look at an example.

You’re buying a sofa and one brochure title says ‘Sturdy frame construction with heavy gauge metal springs’ while another one says ‘Watch that three hour movie in absolute comfort and style’. Which one would you want to read?

Writing a brochure involves carefully selecting facts and turning them into realistic benefits. Your customer should to relate to what is written.

Strengthens your brand appeal

A well written business brochure will give your company a presence as it is physically present with your customer. That’s how you can build brand equity. You can hand out brochures at conventions, conferences, trade shows, job fairs, retail outlets, client meetings or create an online brochure for your website.

Either way, a business brochure gets you more visibility and definitely more credibility!

Distinctly get your message across

How? To start with, while writing a brochure focus on your customer. Although you may be a Fortune 100 firm with a million employees and out-of-this-world products, your brochure isn’t about you. It’s about them and what they want and what they need. Once you’ve got their attention, keep your reader intrigued.

Attract, surprise, persuade and intrigue again- that’s how you get a real page turner.

Compels prospects to act

Brochure writing can have a dual purpose. You may just want a prospect to know who you are and what you offer so they can contact you for more details. Alternatively, you may want to empower a reader with more information so they can make an informed purchase decision. Either way, a business brochure needs to direct the reader’s next step. There has to be a definite call to action so they are not left asking ‘what next?’

Now we could go on and on about writing brochures and what a remarkable difference they can make to your revenue but wouldn’t you rather just get started on your own copy?

How do I get started on my business brochure copy?

PLC has been writing business brochures for several years and with great results. First, we will find out everything there is to know about your business. Why are your products or services better than that of your competitors? What’s your USP? Is there something extra you are willing to offer? What do your present customers love about you?

Once we gather this information we begin to understand your customer. What is he looking for? What drives her purchase decision? What benefits are most attractive? Is price really a consideration?

When we have all the facts in place we begin to work on writing a brochure and our work ends only when you are absolutely satisfied with the end product.

Contact us today and let us help you give your brand… wings!

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