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Ebooks Can Bring Out The Expert In You

It’s been on your wish list for a while now. You have a wealth of information that you want to share but you don’t have the time to organize your thoughts into an ebook. Or perhaps you have the time, but all that writing seems like a daunting task.

Relax. You can now publish an ebook online without the hassle of actually writing it! Get PLC to do it for you.

What's in it for you? Let's find out!

  • Generate substantial revenue with high quality ebooks

You’ve heard of people making heaps of money from ebook marketing. These success stories have one thing in common- the people behind them know that no amount of sales strategy will rake in profits unless you have great content. Good copy sells and it sells fast. At PLC we specialize in writing one-of-a-kind ebooks that will bring in guaranteed results.

  • Earn a steady income with no extra effort

Wouldn’t you love to wake up each morning, check your bank account and find that your balance has gone up? This could be a reality when you publish an informative ebook online. Get it written once and reap the benefits for several years!

  • Save huge expenses the right way

If you’re worried about delivery costs, don’t be! When you publish your ebook online, you save on printing and postage. You can invest that money in getting another ebook written and double your earnings. Here’s another advantage - you’re actually saving the environment as ebooks don’t require paper.

  • Go international and be recognized

You may be regarded as an expert in your city or maybe even in your country. But do people half way across the globe know you exist? With effective ebook marketing your product can reach far and wide. The sky’s the limit!

We bet you’re ready to become an internationally acclaimed author. But wait a minute…

Can't my regular article writer develop my ebook?

Sure, but it’s better to leave it to professionals if you want an ebook that grabs attention, generates interest and guarantee revenue. Ebook marketing becomes easy when you have excellent content. The worst mistake you can make is to compromise on quality just to save a few dollars.

Who develops the table of contents (TOC)?

The TOC is one of the most important aspects of your ebook. A poor selection of topics or great topics worded badly can jeopardize its appeal. Some of our clients already have a list of chapters they want us to cover. In such cases, we just fine-tune the TOC and offer our suggestions. Other clients come to us with a blank page so we carefully select topics keeping the target reader in mind.

Will my ebook sell?

PLC will not only write your ebook but we have the skills to turn your product into a revenue generating machine. We will develop a winning sales letter so you can start earning profits right away. We’ll even throw in a discount for the sales page since we put the ebook together!

How do I get started?

To publish your ebook online, just get in touch with us and let us know what you have in mind. We’ll also show you samples of our work so you know what to expect. This is one opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

Contact us today and get your ebook online in no time!
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