Power Lines Central is the best and more reliable writing team we ever worked with. Looking forward to getting more articles from them.
- Boris Kreiman, USA


Q: We want to project the right image through our web content but we just donít know how! What do we do?

A : Leave it to us. Not only will your website content reflect the right image but we will give your brand a voice. Our team will carefully study your business and your main competitors so we can highlight your unique selling point.

Q: Youíre not an expert in my industry. How will you write my web content?

A : Although we have completed hundreds of projects in different industries, we never compromise on research. We believe that good and solid content never fails. This is why we base all our writing on extensive research. Our aim is to create content that even an expert would approve of.

Q: For press releases and ad copy shouldnít we go to a PR firm or a ad agency?

A : Well you can but youíll end up paying double the price. Agencies will charge exorbitant rates as they have high overheads. Further, a lot of branded agencies farm out their work load to companies like us. So working with us directly has a dual advantage- same quality with a lower price tag.

Q : Do you write SEO articles?

A : All our writers have been trained to write SEO web content. But, this doesnít mean that weíll stuff your pages with keywords. We will do our best to naturally integrate your keywords within the content. Our only request is that the keywords you choose should be grammatically correct and the requested density should be reasonable.

Q: Will your articles pass Copyscape?

A : A good writer will know how to fool Copyscape but a great writer will write truly unique content so you donít have to worry about plagiarism. By Ďoriginalí articles we donít mean rearranging words here and there so it looks new. Our writer will create each page from scratch after carefully compiling research material from the Internet.

Q: Do you have experience in creating flyers, letters and brochures?

A : PLC has completed several successful projects in the above mentioned areas. However, we do not offer design and graphics as part of our services. But we would be happy to recommend a service partner who can address those requirements.

Q: What about company names, domain names, taglines and slogans?

A : PLC will come up with different options so you can pick one that suits your company the best. We love to get our creative juices flowing so contact us if you need a winning name or a catchy one liner.

Q: Can you work based on an outline that we have developed?

A : Yes we definitely can. Many clients come to us with a bare skeleton of what they want. Our team then goes to work to flesh it out and make it a sales-worthy piece of material. The end product will be original, neatly presented and optimised for search engines.

Q: Who are your clients?

A : We work with different kinds of clients- website designers, ad agencies, PR firms, company owners, SEO specialists etc. About 90% of our work is undertaken as ghost-writing projects. We have serviced clients in eight different countries.

Q: How can I trust non-native English writers to write my marketing material?

A : Good question. English is a universal language which has been mastered by people from different cultures, regions and nationalities. This is one reason why this language continues to be rich and beautiful. All our writers speak, think and write in perfect English. We have worked with large international clients in the US, UK, Australia and other English speaking nations.

Q: What if Iím unhappy with your content?

A : For all projects, two test pages are sent for approval before we commence work on the remaining pages. Normally these test pages are approved immediately as we document the requirements very carefully at the start of the project. However, if we have missed the mark, we will redo the test pages so you are 100% happy with our work.

Q: When can I expect my copy?

A : The exact date of submission will be decided before we commence work. PLC is known to have a quick turnaround time but we never compromise on quality. Therefore, if we think your project requires more time to get the job done right, weíll tell you so. But, youíll know the end date in advance so you can coordinate your activities accordingly.

Q: Do you offer content that is ghost-written?

A : Yes. Most of our content is ghost-written so our clients can get the credit. You will be the sole owner of the web copy and our name will not feature as the author of the content. You can add your name as the author while submitting our content to article directories.

Q: Many copywriters publish their rates on the website. Why donít you?

A : Every project is unique. Our rates depend on different factors such as the word count, number of pages, number of keywords, research involved and desired turnaround time. A rush project that has to be completed overnight will definitely carry a higher price tag. Do get in touch with us for a customised quote.

Q: Are your prices reasonable?

A : Very! Weíre not just saying that to get your order. Our prices are affordable because we donít have too many costs to cover. You can walk away with an excellent product which you can consider a safe investment rather than an expense.

Q: Can we post your content on our website before payment is cleared?

A : The rights to the content will be transferred only when 100% payment has been made. Therefore, you cannot use the content till the project is completed.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A : We accept Paypal. In India you can pay by check or direct bank transfer. We will send you an email with the payment details.

Q: Do we own the content after it is paid for or do you retain the copyright?

A : Once full payment has been made, you will own the content. We will delete it from our servers so there is no question of using the content again.

Q: What process do you follow?

A : Initially we try and gather as much information as possible with regard to your company, products, services, competitors and customers. We then write the first two pages and send it to you for approval. Once it is approved we continue with the remaining pages.

Q: Donít you have to meet me face-to-face in order to complete the project?

A : No. We have completed over 1000 projects with international clients who we have never personally met. We can easily communicate over email or telephone to get the job done. It will save us both a lot of time, effort and expense. However, if you are in India, we can discuss a meeting if need be.

Q: How do we get started?

A : Itís quite simple. Just contact us with your exact requirement. Weíll get back to you with a quote and other payment details. You will also have to send us any additional information or instructions that you may have. Once the first two test pages are approved, we will proceed with the remaining project. Transfer of ownership takes place once we receive full payment.

Please contact us if you have any other questions with regard to our services. We will be happy to reply.
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