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SEO Web Content

Can You Afford To Let Your Competition Find Us First?

SEO web content is powerful. It can take your business from being ‘just another website’ to one of the top ranking sites in the search engines. Among those top pages are customers looking to buy your service or product. Visibility is everything.

If your customer can’t find you, then you might as well not exist.

Is your web site content optimized for search engines?

If you’re shaking your head wondering what that means, let us explain. Pick a search engine like Google. In the search bar, enter your business name or products you offer or just a phrase that best describes your business. Scan through the first few pages of search results. Find anything familiar? If you can’t spot your website in the listings then you certainly need professional website copywriting services.

Top 5 reasons why SEO web content is important for you

  • Increased popularity- More clicks coming your way
  • Google loves you- Higher page rank
  • Strong internal link structure- Enhances your credibility
  • Focused content- Customers will like what they see on your site
  • Repeat visits- If they like what they see, they will return

PLC’s website copywriting team can tackle your toughest competition

Choose your website copywriter with care. Going with the lowest bidder may save you a dollar but it will cost you valuable customers. Don’t let your competition get the better of you. Online writing is a skill best left to the experts. Take a look at our rich domain expertise.

Basics your website copywriter should know…

  • Website copywriting differs in style and tone

Leave complicated language to Shakespeare. Write for your clients. Keep it short and simple. Your customer doesn’t want to be confused with jargons, colorful text and excessive capitalization. We offer you website writing that is easily understood- isn’t that the purpose of your copy?

  • Your readers are almost always in a hurry

Most readers only skim text; they don’t read it line by line. You probably have a few seconds to impress them and get your message across. Our SEO content helps you take advantage of this window of opportunity. Nobody wants their page minimized or even worse…. X-ed!

  • Customers look for credibility

Buyers are intelligent so avoid exaggerated claims. Website copywriting should revolve around meaningful content which will retain interest. We use objective language so your customer doesn’t leave the page wondering if it’s too good to be true.

  • Headlines sell!

Powerful headlines can ignite sales. Believe it. Readers will only read your copy if the headline grabs their attention. Our website copywriter specializes in crafting creative headlines which pack a powerful punch. How to write a great headline?

  • Killer keywords

Pick the right ones. Mention them in the right density. Place them accurately. But that’s easier said than done. Get our SEO web content writing team to handle your page. Keywords are like salt. A generous helping can ruin a great recipe. We will sprinkle just the right amount to get your SEO web page fabulous results.

We’re not the experts…

… you are. You know your business inside out. So why should you trust us with your website copywriting? Here’s why- we don’t take things for granted. Our website copywriter will extensively research your project prior to writing the first draft. This is why we can write authoritative SEO web content irrespective of the industry or niche.

Further, PLC believes in open communication so we will discuss the finer nuances of your business to get your content just right. We will capture the energy, style and pulse of your business and reflect that in every page. Your customers will know you’re a brand to reckon with!

Affordable pricing

PLC offers quality SEO website copywriting services at affordable rates. To get an exact quote, please email us with the following details:

  • The URL of your website (for existing sites)
  • Total number of pages required
  • Kind of pages required (Home pages, services section, terms and conditions etc)
  • Number of words per page
  • Turnaround time

Not too sure if this is the right team for you? Ask for a free 100 word sample. No like- no buy!

Go ahead and contact us today!

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