Everything about article marketing!

It is an undisputed fact that writing articles can increase traffic to your site. It is also a fact that your readership increases depending on the number of directories that have your articles. Now the dilemma is how to decide where to submit your articles. There are so many article directories on the Internet, some may be relevant to your article, and some may only pertain to a niche segment. To find out more please read along to discover a couple of successful approaches.

To begin with, it might be a good idea to first narrow down on a single directory. Before you submit your article to the directory you could read up on articles already found in it. This will give you an idea of the genre of advertising found in the directory. The directory you choose should depend on the kind of customers that you want to target. If your potential customers are young, you would want to showcase your writing where the advertising is relevant and safe for youth. Avoid using article directories that often change their advertising principles. Thus, you must always maintain a watchful eye on the directory's activities and also on your articles. You should know pretty much everything about a site, which you intend to use.

When submitting articles to directories do not go overboard and submit too many articles into one directory all at once. Start with a few and watch and see in what period of time they actually go live. The active status of a directory cannot be ascertained until your articles are submitted. The life cycle of directories fluctuate; this indicates that a directory, previously active, may not have retained the same status with the passage of time. It will be a waste of time to submit more than three articles at once. Look for reliable and authentic directories. Why waste time and effort submitting an article to a directory where it takes months to see any action. You should be able to get results in just a couple of days. If not, then customers are not seeing your work. Thus, submit your articles to directories, which showcase your work and bring to quick results.

After you submit an article, you should be able to track its status. After all that hard work you put in, wouldn't you want to know if others are reading your content? Keeping an eye on the status will give you an idea of how many visitors are interested in your service or product. The ultimate aim is to get more and more people to read your articles. There could be several reasons why your articles are not being read. Perhaps you have chosen a subject that is not in popular demand. Or, you might have submitted your writing to a largely inactive or unfrequented directory. www.articlecube.com, www.ezinearticles.com and www.searchwarp.com are a couple of article directories that have enormous amounts of traffic because of high quality content. Once your article is submitted observe its progress everyday. In the event that an article's popularity on a certain directory wanes, discontinue your submissions to that directory.

You could also try using Google and/or MSN to search for your name or the name of the author. This will tell you which directories get their pages arranged quickly and where my articles are being displayed. There is no point wasting time over sites that do not give you any visibility.

Therefore, you can be confident that visitors are accessing your site. That should be the final aim of submitting your articles. Since you have taken time to write it in a unique and creative manner, you might as well ensure that it brings you some returns at the end of the day.

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Everything about article marketing !