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A great way to increase visibility of your website is by writing great articles and submitting them to reliable and quality article directories. This will not only bring people to your site but will also eventually contribute to your earnings. Before you get to this point, you need to ensure that the right people are noticing your articles. If no one clicks on your link, your business does not gain. So it’s time to take some action to get results on your articles. Read on to find out how you can write good quality articles.

Does your article engage your reader's attention so they will read the complete article? Usually your website link is located at the end of your article. So your article has to sustain enough interest to keep your reader reading! How can you get people's attention? Readers tend to relate and to identify better with familiar stories or characters. Quotations by eminent people at the beginning of the article will ensure that your readers connect the theme of your article with the ideology of the eminent person you have quoted. Another option is to retell a personal anecdote that is relevant to your topic.
Every great article begins with a great heading, caption or title. The title is the first impression the reader has of your article. Your title must describe your topic and retain an element of suspense to excite the reader's curiosity. The title should not be too short or too long. A very long title will lack the ‘punch’ it requires to grab the attention of the browser. A short title, on the other hand, may not clearly state the content of the article.
Choose a topic that is current and controversial. When writing about ladies fashion, for example, you could include a piece on designer shoes or jewelry. Articles that associate with a holiday season or current events are popular with Webmasters and ezine owners. So look out for topics that people are interested in. Research current events from the news, online blogs or from your circle of contacts.
Do a double check on commonly found errors. Writing that has bad grammar and typographical errors are detrimental to the readability of your article. The use of a spellchecker application will pay huge dividends while taking little extra time. Certain article submission sites may decline from accepting poorly proofread articles. So, give your article a quick once-over to make it flawless.
Choose content that you know about or content that is drawn from your own life events. Even if a certain keyword is technically important to an article, but you are unable to use it creatively and meaningfully, do not force it. Instead, write about a topic that engages you and keep the keyword at the back of your mind. As a result of a little practice, your comfort with integrating keywords into an article will increase. This will be achieved without compromising the credibility of the work.

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