10 tips on how to write a power resume

Bold objective- Do not hesitate to state your goals in a clear and concise manner. The objective should reflect your focus and career target.
Summary- Choose five to six key points that you would want your employer to know about you. Put yourself in the employer’s shoes and customize your points according to the profile of the job.
Work experience- Decide on whether you are going to use a functional format or a chronological format for your resume. A functional format is used when you want to showcase your abilities and skills especially while attempting to shift industries. A chronological format is used when you are looking for a change within the same field. Start with the presently held position and work backwards from there.
Education- Only mention relevant education according to your years of service. A fresher can highlight school details however a manager should mention only college and further education.
Accomplishments- Employers want to hire individuals who can handle responsibility and work in pressure situations with outstanding results. Your resume should assure the employer that you could work well in a team and perform even when things are not conducive.
Gaps- Do not ignore gaps in your work history. This will lead the employer to speculate. However insignificant mention what you were doing and word it in way that will look positive to the reader. The employer will appreciate the fact that you were bold enough it bring it up.
Additional information- You and add details of projects handled, memberships to professional associations, seminars and training programs attended and conducted, white papers presented, awards and honors received etc.
Presentation- An employer will give your resume about 30 seconds and then decide whether to continue reading. So keep it short, sweet and simple. Remember this is not your biography. Use a standard font and keep the size readable. Avoid usage of color and graphics unless the position requires it. Check for spelling and grammar. Use power words wherever possible.
Personal details- Mention all contact information such as address, email, and telephone numbers. Also mention date of birth and passport details. Do not mention father’s name and occupation of family members. The employer is not interested nor does he have the time to read about your extended family.
Be true- Last but not least be honest. Let your resume be a representation of you and not the President. You are allowed to boast a bit but make it believable!

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